Benefit for Dylan Darland

For those of you who do not know me my name is Taylor Vache. I’ve been around the off-road industry for 10 years now and it’s been nothing short of awesome. Some of the first people I ever met were Rick and Jeff Geiser. They have always been so helpful, caring, and selfless men. Not short after that I started working for Justin Morcom, and together we finished and assembled Jeff Darland’s Geiser Prerunner. That is where I first met Jeff. He was always in the shop checking up on the truck and he would always bring the boys around. During that time his boys were very little. A few years ago I started working for a great guy named Craig Potts. While dylan2being in the shop Jeff and Craig became friends. I always saw Jeff and no matter how many times he came to the shop he always had his boys. Through all of this we have gained mutual friends, I hang out with him at the lake, we go out on Friday nights together and hangout on Harley’s, whatever wherever Jeff just seemed to always be there having a great time. He is fun guy to be around. He loves his boys more than anyone could imagine and I first hand experienced it.

For those of you who do not know, Jeff was involved in a bad boating accident up at Lake Powell. Coming from someone who has visited there many times, that lake can be unforgiving. He had 2 of his boys, Dylan and Gage, also with him was his girlfriend Jen and her son Brock. Unfortunately, the 3 boys were ejected from the boat when Jeff hit an unmarked sandbar in the water. Dylan was run over and lost his leg below the knee and also has unfortunately lost his hand. Something so sad, but by God’s grace he is still with us and providing so much hope for so many people. His strength is beyond anything anyone could imagine and he is proving to be so strong. My heart is saddened by how tragic this is but I know God has a plan.

I know his path to recovery is going to be so difficult and I know there are going to be bills. I saw the go fund me accounts, and I was just about to donate when I realized I wanted to do something for Dylan, show him that the off-road community is there. We are such a tight knit group of people and I know everyone will help pull through. I first contacted Craig Potts my old boss to see if he would be on board, he told me without a doubt he will back me. The next day I drove down to Geiser Bros. and talked to Rick, he said he would back me 100 percent as well. These guys are the starting back bone to what I would like to do for this little guy.

My plan is to hold a silent auction at the Geiser Bros Shop. I would like to have a get together like Rick and Jeff do every Christmas…bring people together to have a great time, eat food, and bid on items that have been donated. I would like to keep it simple and have people bid on awesome prizes, and give 100 percent of the proceeds to Dylan, to help with buying a car later down the road, maybe build him a Rzr. Whatever it may be, I would love to keep him having a passion for dirt like his father does.

The details are still a little fuzzy and it’s going to be coming together in the weeks ahead. Rick and Jeff have graciously offered me their shop as a venue, Craig Potts is going to be donating stuff for the auctions as well as dylan3using his contacts for more donations. Jesse Jones is on board as well and selflessly going to donate. I have others to talk to and this is still in the beginning stages, any help is much appreciated. For those of you who are wondering what will be up for auction, stay tuned and I will update when I can on what kinds of donations are coming in. The only thing that is uncertain is the food, I have a few ideas but any other ideas are welcome as well as donations or help with anything.

Please contact me with any questions, I do not want to over burden Rick with phone calls, so I will put my personal phone number and email on here for anyone with any questions.
Once again, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone in advance for any help or support with this, at the end of the day this is to benefit a little boy who has gotten hurt, I know as a community we can pull together to do something nice for him. Jeff, Jen, Tara, Vince, this is all for Dylan and like I stated before 100% of the money will be given directly to you guys to do something nice for Dylan whenever it may be.

Please call or text me at 602 550 8841 or email me at

I am still working on a time, but the benefit is scheduled for Saturday, September 10th somewhere in the afternoon. I encourage everyone to share this so we can do something nice for Dylan and people can get some awesome stuff. Thank you to everyone.

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