Banning Motorsports Looks for #7 at General Tires “Vegas To Reno”

Banning LogoWe had arrived Thursday afternoon fully prepped and ready to go for Vegas to Reno, the longest off road race in America. This is the first year the race was split into two different days splitting the 600 mile race. The Banning team has won Vegas to Reno the previous 6 years with buggies, so we were looking to continue our success and get a win in the 6100 trick truck class.

A week before V2R we were informed that a very close friend was injured in a horrific accident at the lake. The Geiser Bro’s chassis company and Banning Motorsports wanted to show their support for our friend Dylan Darland. The Geiser Brothers have volunteered to do a silent auction at the shop for Dylan. There will be a silent auction, food and beverages provided at the party. Lee Banning and Brad McFarlin from Select Glass will be donating all the food and manpower to cook. Brad will also be bringing the famous “Big Gun” grill to cook all the food on. With this silent auction and donations all proceeds will go directly to Dylan himself.

The Banning Motorsports team had all agreed to take the Vegas to Reno race and dedicate it to Dylan. We had ordered some custom shirts and made some stickers as well to let Dylan know we are all here for you little buddy and we support you


Race Day #1
Driving into race day number on the LS3 Chevrolet powered 6155 race truck was starting 23rd and the Eco-Boost powered 6188 truck was 28th of the line. Race truck 6155 was off from the line and running strong through the horrendous silt beds right out the gate thanks to the General Tire Grabbers. Sadly the race weekend had to be cut short for the 6155 race truck as they were rear ended pretty harsh and ended up puncturing a quarter size hole in the Pyrotech fuel cell and bladder. With this not being repairable and losing all the gas stored inside the cell the 6155 truck had to call it a day.

The 6188 truck however had made it passed the massive cluster at the beginning of the race that the 6155 truck was involved in, and was moving forward hoping to take the Ford powered truck to the finish line for a solid top 10 finish this weekend. The truck was moving great through the desert with only a few minor issues and at pit 4 Rick Graf and Jake Dewitt get out of the truck for a drivers change while Bryan Folks and Adam Warren climb in to finish the remainder of race day #1. The 6188 truck started 28th and had powered through the field and ended up finishing in 8th place the first day.


Race Day #2
The team worked all night on the 6188 truck getting her ready for race day #2. With minor shock adjustments and standard maintenance on the truck they it ready to blaze through the desert. So with that being said, Rick and Jake strapped back in to finish off the second and final race day. The truck seemed to be handling better then the day before and they were on a mission to make it to the top. Shortly after the start the start of day two, the 6188 truck broke a rear trailing arm bolt just a short distance out of the pit. Rick ran back to the pit and got some parts to temporarily repair the truck and limp it on to the next pit, where unfortunately the truck was not going to finish the race. This was the first time Vegas to Reno ever defeated the Banning Motorsports team. We are determined to come back from this unfortunate weekend, and we will be back at Parker come October and ready get that win!


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