Banning Keeps Pushing Through in Laughlin

Laughlin Desert Classic 

laughlin1First Banning Motorsports would like to thank BITD for bringing this great race back, it has been several years since there has been a real desert race in Laughlin, Nevada. A 17 mile loop that consisted of four laps each race day giving you a total of 136 miles.

Banning Motorsports ascended on the Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic with high expectations for both of our trucks, the 6155 was ready and we felt we had all the issues worked out of the 6188 as well as having lots of test miles under our belts.

Great weather for this event we felt it was going to be a scorcher but Mother Nature took care of that. Light winds along with light rain the night before race day to help with dust control and cloud cover when we needed protection from the sun.

Saturday Race Day #1

laughlin4We started off great, the 6155 truck was working great getting through the big holes and tight turns with the General Tire Grabbers on attack mode. We were running in the top 10 and on the last lap ran out of gas at race mile 10. After getting some fuel from a track worker. Lee Banning Sr. and Chris Godfrey were back on course and off to the finish. Although losing several positions on the track, we did finish and the truck was in great shape thanks to Neo Synthetic Oil for the second day of racing to try and get a top 10 or better yet a podium finish.

The 6188 truck started off really well running hard and better than our expectations. The Ford Eco-Boost was strong and keeping pace with the class. Rick Graf and Brian Folks started experiencing alternator problems causing low voltage to the engine management system slowing the truck towards the finish, we got the issues taken care of and were ready for the second day of racing.

Sunday Race Day #2

laughlin3Steve Melton started the truck with Chris Godfrey in the 6155 truck and were charging hard to the front getting past several competitor’s heading for the front. They were well on our way to a top 10 finish when on the last lap trying to pass in a big rutted corner rolled the truck on its side losing several positions but still getting us a finish for the Chevy powered 6155 truck.

Bryan Folks and Adam Warren started the 6188 truck and ran hard all day passing several trucks and buggy’s getting us closer to the front. After a clean race and a successful day they ended up getting us a top 15 finish and proving that the Ford Eco-Boost truck can run with the remainder of the class.

Thanks to our great team for coming out and making this another great weekend and giving us the best race support alaughlin12s always. Thanks to all our great sponsors Neo Synthetics, Select Glass, General Tire,WSM Auctioneers, KC HiLiTES, Method Race Wheels, Fox Racing Shox, Ford, 212 Performance Gloves,Impact, Geriser Bros, and Foddrill Motorsports that keep us in the desert with their great products and support, we couldn’t do this without you all, it is truly a team sport.

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